CSA Program

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs began to support farms during the off season and help farmers off set the start-up funds needed to plant the new years’ crops. Many farms would then offer the customer a share of each weeks’ harvest in the form of a pre-packaged box of their own “home grown” products. In the years since, many farms have changed that model, some don’t even grow most of what is in their “box” any longer. We have taken a different approach, one like another local farm that started a “Credit” option.

With our CSA, you put money into your account during the enrollment period, and then you have that credit to use at any time during the remaining calendar year. It can be used for any U-Pick purchase and most in store purchases. This way, you decided when and what you receive. Your money goes the furthest with U-pick options, of course. But you choose.

Throughout the year, we have farm fresh eggs, milk, canned goods, ice cream, snacks and gifts. Our strawberries are available beginning in late April, summer produce (in-store and U-pick) late June, peach season in our orchard is June-August, pumpkins late September, and we are constantly adding more choices.

To participate in our year-round CSA program, please complete the form below and either mail or bring it to the store with your payment. We can take cash and credit deposits in the store, checks can be mailed and made out to Mount Pleasant Farms.

Enrollment Periods

January – February, 15% will be added to your CSA credit line

March – April, 10% will be added to your CSA credit line

May and on, 5% will be added to your CSA credit line

(Example, you enroll January-February with a $100 deposit, we will add 15% ($15) so you will have a $115 CSA credit line to purchase your choice of items (not including consignment) throughout the calendar year.)

Mount Pleasant Farms is open Year Round

Hours subject to change, please check our website or facebook page for current hours and offerings.

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Mount Pleasant Farms CSA Application

2201 Mount Pleasant Road, Chesapeake, VA 23322

Name:________________________________ email:____________________________


Contact Number:________________________________ CSA Year:___________

CSA Credit Lines do not roll over into the new calendar year and cannot be withdrawn from at any time.

Signature:___________________________ Date:________

Store Use:
Date Received:_______ Payment Type: CA CH#___ CC

Deposit Amount:__________ %added_____ total_____